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Your connection to everything cannabis in the Greater Western New York area! Become a member and get the full experience WNY and The Roaring 420s Lounge have to offer!

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All about The Lounge

The Roaring 420s Lounge is a private membership association dedicated to the goal of bringing the WNY Cannabis community together in the light. The consumption of cannabis is legal for adults in NYS, and we're here to help facilitate a transition from the shadows of prohibition into a thriving public market where our entire community can benefit. When we work together, we thrive together, and it is more important than ever to stay connected to our community as faceless corporations come knocking on our region's door.

Together with The Lounge


As a private member of the Lounge, the feedback you provide helps support local vendors. Your reviews directly impact and improve the market for everyone. Our vendors love to hear from the community, and we'll reward you with temporary membership tier increases and other perks as you submit them!


Be the first to know about upcoming events, both in person and here on The Lounge's digital platform. Get access to pre-sale event tickets, special events, and more simply for being a member.


Explore our network of local vendors to subscribe to various custom services offered by our vendor partners, from infused catering services to subscription boxes and joint rolling services. Sample vendor products free of charge at the physical lounge and then subscribe to the services providing the ones you liked. Receive discounts at participating vendors.

Community Ecosystem

Connect with other enthusiasts through in-person events and regularly scheduled digital sessions. Being a member of The Lounge means you'll never have to smoke alone again!

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